OfferUp Ads Success Story - Pawn Express

Pawn Express is using OfferUp Ads to increase sales and find new customers in their local neighborhood by selling and advertising their products on OfferUp.

Pawn Express, a local retailer based in Washington, has been growing its local customer base and creating unique 1:1 connections with shoppers in the local community using OfferUp's leading mobile marketplace to list inventory for sale. OfferUp's users utilize the app more than 19x every month and 90% of users shop within a 30-mile radius. A key part of their success to date has been their ability to deliver personalized interactions through OfferUp's live chat, giving shoppers instant responses to questions, as well as showcasing their business location using OfferUp's unique local profile.

Today, Pawn Express has expanded its relationship with OfferUp. They've chosen OfferUp Ads to find new local customers and deliver well-timed promotional messaging to the time users at the exact right time. In this video, Pawn Express shares its story and talks about how they've been able to generate more sales and create opportunities to build new relationships by offering new products, and exclusive offers. By using OfferUp's performant and targeted advertising solutions, Pawn Express has generated 50% more ROI using as compared to other advertising platforms.