Post your next job on OfferUp

Starting in mid-April, local employers can now promote their own job opportunities in their respective markets. Through OfferUp's easy-to-use job posting service, businesses can list their open roles and start receiving applications through OfferUp. 

Benefits for Job Seekers and Businesses:

For job seekers, OfferUp Jobs allows you to:

  1. Browse active job listings with customized feeds.

  2. Search for specific roles of interest.

  3. Filter jobs by location for local opportunities.

  4. Apply directly and connect with potential employers.

For businesses, OfferUp Jobs enables you to:

  1. Create and post new job listings easily.

  2. Expand your reach and awareness of open positions.

  3. Save time and money by engaging OfferUp’s users

  4. Connect with local, engaged candidates on a platform with over 18+ million users.

Access OfferUp Jobs Posting on the Website and Mobile App:

OfferUp job posting is available on the OfferUp website and mobile web. To post a job, visit OfferUp on a desktop browser, or select "post a job" in the app. If you are interested in volume pricing or have 10+ jobs a month to post use our "Contact Us" form to let us know. You could save time and cost with our business hiring solutions.

To post a job, visit, or check out our step-by-step guide on Posting jobs on OfferUp.

To start looking for your next job on OfferUp, download the OfferUp mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store, or visit