A new way to find work locally

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Good things happen when people come together. OfferUp Jobs is here to help communities work together and help everyone match their aspirations and interests one job at a time.

Introducing OfferUp Jobs: A New Way to Find Work Locally

OfferUp Jobs is a new service that utilizes the nation’s largest mobile marketplace app to help people easily find jobs in their local communities that match their aspirations and interests. We’ve tested OfferUp Jobs in select U.S. regions this year, and already more than one million OfferUp users have tried it out. Today, we’re excited to make the service available to all OfferUp users. 

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Job tips for planning your unretirement

Every “unretirement” plan looks a little different. As you create your own job plan, you should take into account the reasons why you’re returning to work and what type of work best fits your current lifestyle.

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