OfferUp Jobs in less than one minute

OfferUp is the simplest and most trusted way to connect with others in your community including finding and posting jobs. If you don't know already, OfferUp has become more than just a replacement for sites like Craigslist; it is now the nation's #1 mobile marketplace with over 100+ million downloads and 56 million users using the app every year.

Here are some things to know about OfferUp Jobs

With millions of monthly job seekers, OfferUp Jobs gives employers a faster way to hire locally. Almost 90% of local job seekers are located within 30 miles of a job listing, and 1 out of 5 are located within 5 miles.

Any employer can now post 1 job for free every month on their mobile device or desktop, and for employers who have more than 10+ roles a month to fill, OfferUp's business hiring solutions can deliver candidates faster and help you save more along the way. Contact the OfferUp Jobs team to learn more.

  1. Every job post runs for 30 days and is unliked other services remain relevant, findable, and promoted through the duration of the post.

  2. Employers can post directly in the app, or on the web in just a few steps. Or, if you have multiple roles to fill, and want to hire at scale in categories such as Skilled Trades, Transportation, Construction, Customer Service, and more, OfferUp can scrape your feed or ingest your listings in just a few steps.

  3. Every direct listing is automatically boosted. No added fees, sponsoring, or added costs.

  4. Employers can add key job details including description, location, salary, and your preference on how you receive applications. You can also create additional posts to expand your reach into other zip codes or relist previous job posts whenever you need to refill a role.

Get started with OfferUp Jobs

If you’re an employer who's looking to fill hard-to-fill roles, hiring in volume, needs candidates locally, and wants a faster way to hire try OfferUp Jobs. You can post for free reach more local candidates on their mobile devices and connect with job seekers in your neighborhood fast. It's free to a job and see if OfferUp Jobs is the perfect local hiring platform for you.