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3 Ways Dealers Can Improve Their Online Profiles

Findings in a new Motus report show that 80% of car buyers prefer a hybrid (in-person + online) or online shopping experience, as consumers believe it saves both time and money ( With high demand in the market and car buyers increasingly researching vehicles and dealerships online, it is important to make sure your online profile gives potential car buyers the information they want, and maximize every car listing with relevant tagging and keywords. Here are 3 ways to improve your dealer profile.

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Child Tax Credit Payments Driving Next Wave of Car Sales

Beginning on July 15th, the first child tax credit payments started going out. These payments are “part of a $1.9 trillion stimulus package that President Joe Biden signed into law in March.” They will give tens of millions to families extra cash in their pockets each month through the end of the year and dealers are expecting more sales when inventory is already low.

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Learn how to use OfferUp's Horizontal Marketplace to drive more sales and build a better buyer experience

Automotive dealers have exactly three opportunities to reach mobile users on a horizontal marketplace: FBMP, OfferUp, and Craigslist. These marketplaces offer a unique opportunity that cannot be overstated in its value with current market conditions of inventory shortage.

This webinar will show you why millions of mobile users are shopping and buying via a horizontal marketplace each year, but why dealers who are already there are selling 2x as many vehicles on that same marketplace.

With a little education, dealers can also use horizontal marketplaces to find quality buyers and fresh inventory; the dual-use being exactly what these marketplaces were made for. Watch this webinar to learn the ins and outs of how to fully leverage horizontal marketplaces to grow your dealership’s business for years to come.

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This Month In Automotive History: July Edition

Every month reminds us how the automobile has not only transformed our daily lives, but delivered momentous inventions like the engine, the dreaded parking meter, and even the first car to go 100 mph. Take a look at this month in automobile history.

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Three Car Buying Trends that next-generation consumers expect from dealerships

While we are already in the latter half of 2021, the events of 2020 continue to impact the industry with many dealerships still working to adapt to car buyers’ needs and wants.  Here are three trends shaping the car buying experience.

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Explained in One Minute: OfferUp Verified Dealer Program for Auto Dealers

While it is free to manually upload and sell a single vehicle on the marketplace, dealers can partner with OfferUp through their Verified Dealer Program and benefit from dealer exclusive promoted placements and capabilities that make it easy to connect with buyers and promote your vehicles in your local markets.

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OfferUp Inside Episode 2 - Autos with Woody & Jesse

Did you know that millions of cars are bought and sold on OfferUp every year? Woody and Jesse from our Autos team join us to say hello and share a quick introduction to the team that is building America's best mobile and local marketplace for autos.

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OfferUp Auto Real-Time Buyer Dealer Notifications

OfferUp has released mobile-first "Real-Time Buyer" Notifications for dealers. These new Verified Dealer exclusive notifications make it easier than ever to respond to inquiries on dealer listings and car shoppers who are ready to buy a vehicle on OfferUp's marketplace.

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5 Questions Every Auto Dealer Should Ask

According to a recent article by Autotrader, 6 out of 10 car buyers are open to looking at other vehicle options when they first start shopping. Here are 5 questions that OfferUp's dealer partners say help them engage with online car shoppers the right way and get the information they need to be successful.

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Millennials are now America's largest car buying generation

Millennials recently surpassed baby boomers as the largest living generation, and their influence can be felt throughout the automotive industry. For auto dealerships, understanding Millennial car shopping preferences is necessary but represents a unique opportunity for dealers to transform their business and significantly improve their ability to sell vehicles to America's largest generation.

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Henry Ford's Quadricyle Car Experiment Began 125 Years Ago this month

While the chip shortage and pandemic have wreaked havoc on the automotive industry, it's easy to forget that the industry has had many successes and challenges throughout its history. At approximately 4:00 a.m. on June 4th, 1896, in the shed behind his home on Bagley Avenue in Detroit, Henry Ford unveiled the “Quadricycle,” the very first automobile that he designed using a gas-powered motor. His decision to use gas-powered was fraught with challenges by those around him and took 7 companies and years in between before the success of his creation to come to fruitition.

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Learn how to acquire vehicle inventory and trade-ins with OfferUp

Low inventory, robust demand, and skyrocketing car prices for pre-owned vehicles are present both challenges and opportunities for auto dealerships.

Today, dealership and private car companies are looking for alternative ways to source and obtain vehicles. horizontal marketplaces represent a clear opportunity for dealers to transform their vehicle acquisition strategy.

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A New Chapter for OfferUp with Todd & Nick

Last week we marked a new chapter in OfferUp’s history, one that I could not be more excited to announce. Todd Dunlap will be the new CEO of OfferUp.

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Horizontal Marketplaces help auto dealers reach new car shoppers in this post pandemic economy (Webinar)

Watch Offerup discuss how Horizontal Marketplaces are the new Automotive Gold Rush as they present the perfect opportunity to reach the modern car shopper where they spend 38% of their waking hours, their mobile device. American adults sleep nine hours on average and spend 5.4 hours per day on their smartphones, 86% of Americans go online daily using their mobile device.

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Learn how to drive more car sales and build loyalty with digital first car shoppers

With more than 4,200+ dealers on OfferUp today, we have seen what works and what doesn't. Here are 3 habits that successful Verified Dealers have in common that help them drive more loyalty with car shoppers, get better engagement and more converted leads, and higher car sales.

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3-Tips to Help Auto Dealers Minimize the Impact of the Current Chip Shortage

According to Jessica Caldwell, from, "the chip shortage is wreaking havoc on new vehicle production all while we're also seeing surprisingly healthy car shopper demand." This increase in demand is also being seen for pre-owned car sales which have seen sales increase 36% from February to March, and up 117% in March alone compared to last year according to Cox Automotive. Because of this demand, dealerships across the US are being confronted with the reality that there is little inventory and will remain so for the foreseeable future. To help automotive dealers, OfferUp has some tips that dealers can take right now, as well as proactively working with its Verified Dealer to source inventory from private sellers in its leading mobile marketplace.

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Consumers want a hassle free car shopping experience

While many dealers see the importance of chat and real-time communications, some dealers are still prioritizing legacy communication strategies including phone calls, emails, or form-fills when interacting with a car shopper. For today's car shoppers, the data shows that they are looking for a different shopping experience. Car shoppers want to chat.

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OfferUp's Verified Dealer Program ready to help dealers sell more cars

By signing up with the OfferUp Automotive Dealer Program, dealers get access to a suite of tools to procure quality leads from OfferUp’s marketplace, which facilitates millions of car sales every year

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Dealers That Respond Quickly On Mobile Chat See Better Lead Success

More consumers are moving towards using chat as their preferred way of communicating with businesses. According to a recent national survey, more than half of all Americans prefer to message rather than call a business, and six out of ten reported an increase in their business messaging.

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Product Training and Best Practices

Maximize more opportunities on OfferUp with access to walkthroughs, webinars, and resources.

A Dealers Guide to Promoted Placements on OfferUp

Promoted Placements are a key component for your OfferUp Verified Dealer Program and these promoted placements are how OfferUp matches your vehicle listings with car shoppers who are actively looking for cars like yours. 

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See how to use Live Chat to transform your car shoppers buying experience

OfferUp is the only platform to give dealers live chat to engage in real-time with car shoppers as they view their vehicle inventory. OfferUp shows you how to use live chat, and demonstrates best practices to help dealers convert more leads into sales.

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Learn how to generate more car shoppers leads with Lead Info tags

Lead Info Tags is a simple lead form that car shoppers receive when they first interact with your dealership. Any time a car shopper interacts with a promoted placement and wants to chat with a dealer, the car shopper will be prompted to provide name, phone, email automatically if requesting a “rapid response” from you.

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Learn how to find car shoppers who are ready to buy automatically

OfferUp's Ready-to-Buy indicator for Verified Dealers doesn’t just automatically sort your car shopper leads and prioritize who is ready to buy and who is not. It also gives you several key indicators about your car shopper.

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