OfferUp releases inbox improvements to make organizing and managing chats easy

Organize buyer messages

As a Verified Dealer on OfferUp, you have a lot of car buyer messages to manage, you now have the tools in your inbox to make it easier to manage those conversations and reply quickly. You can now sort your messages to see the newest, oldest, or unread conversations first. 

As a dealer, you can turn on Group by Listing to consolidate all messages for a particular listing into a single and convenient view. This can be useful if you have more than one interested buyer in the listing you are selling or are selling multiple listings. 

If you have certain buyer conversations you want to keep coming back to, you can now pin that conversation to the top of your inbox! Pin up to 25 conversations to keep your most important messages top of mind. Swipe right on a message and click on the option to ‘pin’ to use this feature. You can also unpin messages using the same action. If you have buyers or sellers who you frequently talk to, pinning allows those messages to always show up at the top of your inbox. Read below for details on each new inbox feature.


What it is: Pinning allows dealers to choose which messages are ‘pinned’ to the top of their inbox, so they can find their most important conversations more easily. Dealers with multiple buyers on an item can use pinning so that their likeliest leads will show up at the top.

Group by Listing

What it is: The group by listing toggle in the inbox combines all messages on a particular vehicle listing into a single, consolidated view. Dealers who are selling multiple listings will find it easier to organize their conversations and find buyers. 

Who is it for: Dealers who have more than one active listing and are fielding multiple messages for each of their items. Group by listing makes it easier to find the vehicle listings you’re selling in the inbox and gives a singular place to view and reply to conversations for that listing. 


What it is: The sort functionality allows dealers in the inbox to organize their conversations by Newest first, Oldest first, or Unread first. 

Who is it for: The sort function works for both buyers and dealers and gives you more flexibility on how you want to see your messages

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