Grow Your Dealership with OfferUp

OfferUp's Verified Dealer Program helps you reach car buyers and get your listings in front of interested car shoppers.

(Webinar) Car buyer trends for 2022 and beyond

With hundreds of thousands of cars sold and millions of engagements between buyers and dealers since the new year, In this webinar, OfferUp Motors will show you what is working for dealers, what isn’t, and will help you outline an advertising strategy that puts your used vehicle listings in front of the right buyers at the right time. 

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(Webinar) Horizontal Marketplaces help auto dealers reach new car shoppers in this post pandemic economy

Watch Offerup discuss how Horizontal Marketplaces are the new Automotive Gold Rush as they present the perfect opportunity to reach the modern car shopper where they spend 38% of their waking hours, their mobile device. American adults sleep nine hours on average and spend 5.4 hours per day on their smartphones, 86% of Americans go online daily using their mobile device.

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(Webinar) Learn how to use OfferUp's Horizontal Marketplace to drive more sales and build a better buyer experience

Automotive dealers have exactly three opportunities to reach mobile users on a horizontal marketplace: FBMP, OfferUp, and Craigslist. These marketplaces offer a unique opportunity that cannot be overstated in its value with current market conditions of inventory shortage.

This webinar will show you why millions of mobile users are shopping and buying via a horizontal marketplace each year, but why dealers who are already there are selling 2x as many vehicles on that same marketplace.

With a little education, dealers can also use horizontal marketplaces to find quality buyers and fresh inventory; the dual-use being exactly what these marketplaces were made for. Watch this webinar to learn the ins and outs of how to fully leverage horizontal marketplaces to grow your dealership’s business for years to come.

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(Webinar) Nurture car buyer leads using live chat

In this webinar, John McIntyre, CEO of Hammer, and Alexander Hoff, Revenue Strategy at OfferUp Autos show you how to help you navigate the challenges of lead engagement and build a sales machine that will delight your car buyers during every stage of the customer journey.

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(Webinar) Use inventory scarcity to help your dealership succeed this tax season

Join Alexander Hoff from OfferUp, Thursday, Feb. 10, to gain insights on how you can use the current market conditions and informed buyer persona to put your dealership ahead. You will learn three things that you can do today to win prospective buyers in a crowded market. During this webinar, you’ll also review new tech that you can easily implement at your dealership to delight buyers and also gain an opportunity to get more inventory.

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Multiply Sales by Giving Car Shoppers What They Want (Webinar)

What does the ideal car shopping experience look like? OfferUp will take you on a deep dive into consumer trends and show you what an ideal car shopping experience and by understanding our buyers, we can solve many common challenges that are preventing sales team from closing deals.

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OfferUp Motors Webinar - find your next marketplace to list, advertise and acquire vehicles

In this on-demand webinar, dealerships will learn how to set their marketplace strategy and steps they can take today to convert more car buyers, acquire more vehicles from private sellers and you can establish your brand as the go-to dealer for car sales.

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