Learn how to find car shoppers who are ready to buy automatically

OfferUp's Ready-to-Buy Indicator helps you find car shoppers who are ready to buy right now.

How do we find the car shoppers who are ready to buy? Watch now to see how Verified Dealers on OfferUp can find more car sales automatically.

Your Ready-to-Buy indicator doesn’t just automatically sort your leads and prioritize who is ready to buy and who is not. It also gives you several key indicators about your car shopper.

  1. In recent weeks, the car shopper has been increasing their searches for vehicles

  2. They are searching for vehicles that you currently have on your lot

  3. Have a strong track record of completing transactions on OfferUp and showing up to appointments on time

In all, Offerup uses 40 different data points, evaluates the buyer, and make recommendations on who is ready to buy, and who is not.

If you want to learn more about OfferUp's Verified Dealer Program, contact us today!