See how to use Live Chat to transform your car shoppers buying experience

See how real-time chat can help your dealership convert more sales and deliver a better car shopper experience

According to a recent Google survey, consumers now prefer to message businesses using chat. Car shoppers on OfferUp are no different and want a no-hassle sales experience and are using live chat as their primary way of asking questions and following up with your listings. 

To successfully convert those car shoppers to car buyers it’s important to understand how Live Chat works on OfferUp, and what you can do to prepare your team.

Image / Watch Now: Live Chat on OfferUp

Live Chat Best Practices

While each listing is unique, there are several best practices that we recommend for Live Chat.

  1. Be sure to respond to Live Chats in less than 2-minutes. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the car shopper will move on to another listing.

  2. Define your main objectives for every chat

We’re here to help! 

If you have any questions about Live Chat, or how to use it to get more car sales contact the OfferUp team by visiting