Tips and Tricks when posting a job on OfferUp

Writing Your Job Listing—It’s All About The Details

Oftentimes, a job seeker looks for a job by searching for specific details such as the job title, job description, salary, criteria for consideration, work experience requirements, etc. Survey after survey has shown, details do matter. 

Not only do you details help OfferUp match your listing when a users searches for a job like yours it also ensures candidate knows what your expectations are and what they need to do to apply. Here are some tips to maximize your listing with OfferUp Jobs


  • Include a job title. Your job title should accurately reflect the position you are hiring for. Consider using a high-quality job title that would appear on a business card. For example, “Assistant Childcare Director” or “Travel ICU Registered Nurse” are common job titles that are understandable and easy to search for.

  • Write a detailed job description. This should include specific information pertaining to the day-to-day responsibilities of the role, who they report to, salary, benefits, and more. 

  • Share the job category. If applicable, provide any information pertaining to the selected job category the role falls under, such as “customer service” or “hospitality”. 

  • Include the job location. While this may seem obvious, it is important to accurately reflect where the job is located by including the zip code, especially if the company has multiple locations. 

  • Describe the type of employment. Save yourself and the applicants time by being transparent about the type of employment upfront. Is this a part-time or full-time job? Is it remote, in-person, or a blend of both? If it is part-time, will there be an opportunity to transition to full-time?  

  • Provide the company name. This is a simple, yet critical component to creating a strong job description. If the company name isn’t included, it can cause confusion or be misleading to potential candidates. 

  • Highlight the preferred application procedure. Different companies have different procedures for submitting applications. Be as specific as possible and include all the necessary information so applicants can successfully apply. 


  • Include unnecessary information. Adding unnecessary punctuation, language, or symbols in your job title can detract from the relevant information at hand. For example, *Part-Time* Travel ICU Registered Nurse - Earn $2500 wk includes too many additional variables that can interfere with an applicant's search. Plus, adding additional information in the title can cause the job listing to seem like spam or clickbait. 

  • Post a job listing without proofreading the information before submitting it. The last thing you want to do is provide inaccurate, misspelled, or misleading information. Doing so may negatively affect your company’s reputation and decrease your chances of finding a highly qualified candidate. Tools like Grammarly or Microsoft Editor can help you check your work.

  • Forget to update your job listing. At OfferUp Jobs, your job listing remains active for 30 days from the date of purchase. Then, it will expire. If you need to continue your candidate search beyond the initial 30 days, simply create a new listing and pay a new listing fee. 

Give Job Seekers the Best Experience Possible

In addition to your details, it’s important to keep in your job seekers in mind. We are proud to serve over 2.5 million job seekers unique to OfferUp each month, which is why we value partnering with small businesses who care about delivering the best experience possible, just like we do. 

So, how can you provide a great experience for job seekers when posting a job on OfferUp?  

  1. Make sure your job posting reflects a single job opening. If you are hiring for multiple openings at your company, make sure to create a separate listing for each job. 

  1. Avoid using generic job applications when possible. If you are posting more than one job listing, it is highly recommended you use a separate application for each job posting so job seekers feel confident they are applying for the right job. 

Reminder: We do not track the user once they decide to apply for a job. The employer can check the performance of their job listing or application status on the My Listing dashboard.

  1. Always protect the privacy of your job applicants. It is wise to never request sensitive information from your applicants. All data gathered from job seekers must be stored securely and never made available to third parties who do not have the best interest of your applicants in mind. 

  1. Use clear, concise, and inclusive language. To reach a wider audience, make sure your job listing uses inclusive language and does not come across as biased or discriminatory in any way.

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