How to hire seasonal employees with OfferUp

Summertime and the holidays are popular times for vacations and spending quality time with friends and family. They’re also one of the most hectic times for businesses. Anticipating the seasonal demand for additional support and knowing when to start listing your seasonal jobs is paramount for businesses looking to maintain a competitive advantage during the peak season.

With OfferUp Jobs, seasonal hiring no longer has to be a recurring challenge year after year. We make the hiring process simple and equip you with all the necessary information to make the best-informed decisions for your company. 

Benefits of Hiring Seasonal Workers

Hiring seasonal workers is an essential strategy to support your business and full-time employees during the “peak” season. Here are some of the most common benefits of bringing on seasonal support staff:

  • Additional hands-on support when you need it. Rather than committing to year-round help, hiring a seasonal employee gives you extra support for the specific duration you need it. 

  • Save on benefits costs. Instead of paying for a full-time employee’s annual salary and benefits package, seasonal employees often require minimal benefits for a shorter period of time. 

  • Support for full-time employees. During busy seasons, full-time employees are often overworked and in need of additional support. Hiring seasonal workers makes it possible to give full-time employees a break. This is a great way to boost morale during challenging times. 

  • Part-time equals less risk. When hiring a full-time employee, there is always a chance they won’t be the right fit for the job. Whether a seasonal hire is a good fit isn’t as much of a risk considering they will only be with you for a short period of time. 

  • Potential full-time candidate. If you hire a seasonal employee who exceeds your expectations and would make a great addition to your staff, you have the option to offer them a permanent position at the end of the season. 

Debunking Widely Held Seasonal Job Myths

Now that you know the key benefits of hiring seasonal employees during your busiest seasons, let’s talk about some of the common myths surrounding seasonal jobs. 

Myth #1: Seasonal hiring starts before Thanksgiving

While some employers begin hiring for seasonal positions around Thanksgiving, this isn’t the only time to hire. We recommend posting your job listing at least two months (if not more) in advance of your busy season so you can factor in the time it takes to onboard and train your new seasonal hires. 

Myth #2: Seasonal jobs are limited to retail 

This is untrue. With the rise of e-commerce and same-day deliveries, many other industries also experience an increased need for seasonal support. Examples include shipping companies, food manufacturers and distributors, and even catering companies. 

Myth #3: December 26th marks the end of holiday jobs

Some companies may begin releasing seasonal employees immediately after the holidays, but for businesses that offer post-holiday sales, their need for seasonal support continues well beyond Christmas Day.  

Myth #4: Hiring has halted at brick-and-mortar stores due to decreased sales

Yes, online sales have definitely increased over the past few years, but physical brick-and-mortar stores still need assistance during busy seasons. 

Myth #5: The holidays are the only time for seasonal hiring 

There is no denying the uptick in seasonal hiring during the holidays, but there are plenty of other industries requiring seasonal support throughout the year. 

For example, home improvement projects increase in the spring, causing a rise in sales at big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. Food growers and distributors require additional help during the harvest season. The hospitality industry needs additional help in the summer as people make vacation plans. Many industries’ peak season is not during the holidays, so there are plenty of opportunities for seasonal jobs all year round. 

Quick Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees on OfferUp

As you identify your busiest times of the year, be sure to also take time to gather the necessary information for each role you need filled, then post your listings on OfferUp as early as possible (at least two months in advance). To find the right qualified seasonal employees, make sure to include the following information in your listing:

  • Job title 

  • Detailed job description

  • Job location

  • Type of employment (make sure to emphasize this is a seasonal job)

  • Company name

  • Preferred application procedure

  • Pay rate and benefits (if applicable)

As the largest mobile marketplace in the United States, OfferUp provides businesses with a trustworthy platform to promote job opportunities and connect with qualified candidates. 

Get ahead of the peak season by partnering with OfferUp Jobs and start filling your seasonal job openings today!