OfferUp Motors Newsletter

July 2022 edition

Back to basics: Posting a vehicle on OfferUp

written by Kelsey Phillips, Account Manager at OfferUp Motors

Written by Account Manager Kelsey Phillips 

Through your OfferUp Verified Dealer account, your inventory is automatically exported to your profile via your DMS. In order for this process to run as smoothly as possible, here’s a refresher on best practices to make your vehicles as appealing to customers as they can be.

For a vehicle to flow through to the profile properly, it needs the following components: 

1.) At least 2 photos. We recommend starting with an angled image of the vehicle in clear, bright, and unobstructed settings (nothing behind or near the vehicle). 

2.) Mileage. This is a requirement to include, and it’s important to be factually accurate. This helps both you and the customer have a pleasant experience.

3.) VIN number. The VIN number helps you track your inventory and sales, and allows the customer to see the legitimacy of the vehicle.

4.) Price. Competitive pricing matters! Performing a search for the vehicle make and model on the app can give you a good idea of what neighboring dealerships are selling at. This helps you meet or beat the competition!

Above and beyond:

When exporting vehicles using your DMS system, you can post up to 30 photos. Customers love to see inside the vehicle to get a feel for the condition and features they may purchase. Any images that say “Coming Soon” or the like will be removed, so make sure to post sharp, centered photos. Vehicles photographed from the same angle look fantastic on your profile, and present a polished and professional look. Uniformity goes a long way with showing the customer you took the time and care to put your best foot forward.

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Help car shoppers find your vehicles!

written by Omar Diaz, Account Manager at OfferUp

Searching for things on the internet or your favorite shopping app (like OfferUp) is easy. You type in what you’re looking for and allow today’s technology to scrub an index to find the item based on rankings and relevancy. The more specific the search, the closer it is to what you’re looking for. 

With OfferUp being a top downloaded marketplace app, it’s fair to assume people’s intent to buy is higher. A few questions that come up a lot when it comes to Verified Dealers, “how does searching on OfferUp work?” or “how can my cars be seen more”. There are multiple factors that can help optimize your program and having your Account Manager do a site review can help with identifying those opportunities. 

One of the simplest efforts we recommend is to have the vehicle make and model within the first 200 characters of the description box. The OfferUp search algorithm pulls from the item details and from the vehicle's description. This was designed to enhance a user’s search to ensure it isn’t missed (see example)

OfferUp Motors description

Adding the vehicle make and model does 3 things:

  • Enhances the search for the consumer

  • Creates uniformity and looks more professional

  • Emphasizes on trim and Limited models

We often see empty descriptions, very long paragraphs, or outdated information no longer relevant to the store. Most DMS platforms should have the ability to add/edit a description, therefore, we encourage our dealer partners to ensure they include the vehicle’s make and model. Adding those details could lead to a more efficient sales experience.

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OfferUp Motors Managed Chat

Meet the Team: Q&A with Nicole Woods Stevens (Manager, Concierge Team)

Q:How long have you been at OfferUp and what is your current role at the company? 

I have been at OfferUp since September of 2019. In April 2021, I became the Manager of the Concierge Team.

Q:How would you explain the Concierge service in one sentence? 

The hardest working team for our dealers so they can sell more cars :) 

Q:What do you like most about leading the Concierge team? 

This team is amazing. They really make it worth getting up and running in the morning.

Q:What are the top 3 ways you think Concierge helps dealers?

1. We help you connect with consumers that are interested in your vehicles, so you can focus on selling your car! 

2. We don't send you the people who are lowballing, or would waste your time. 

3. We are 100% customizable to your preferences. We want it to feel like we are a member of your team at the dealership.

Q:What's something you're passionate about or love to do? 

I have a 5-year-old son who is on the spectrum. One of my passions is working with parents who are just getting an Autism diagnosis for their little ones and learning how to navigate their new normal. It can be really tough to get the things you need, and more difficult to know where to start, so I help other parents figure that out and also just be an ear to listen.

Q:Favorite summer activity? 

Going to the ocean and playing in the sand!

Q:Any Labor Day plans or upcoming vacations?

I am taking some time off for my wedding anniversary. I’ve been married for almost 12 years in August. For Labor Day, I’m not going to do anything besides getting my son ready for his first day of Kindergarten. EEK!

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