A dealers guide on how to optimize your dealership profile this holiday

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s important to remember to communicate any seasonal changes at your dealership on your profile. One of the benefits of OfferUp's Verified Dealer program is that you have a dedicated account manager to help make those changes and provide strategic advice to help optimize your profile. Outlined below are a few holiday tips to make sure not to forget. 

Holiday Hours

Let your account manager know if you will have any special holiday hours over the next couple of months. We will highlight any hour or “appointment only” changes in your “About Us'' section on your dealership profile.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to update any hour changes on your google business page as well.

Click to Call Phone Numbers

Depending on various holiday plans, some dealer associates may be away or on vacation for portions of the holiday season. Take a look at the number you currently have linked as your “click to call” number on your OfferUp dealership profile. Your account manager can easily change that number for a few weeks or months if needed to ensure potential customers are getting in touch with the correct dealership contact.

Holiday Promotions 

Are you running any special promotions for the holiday season? We can help you get more eyes on any promotions you have to help entice customers to your lot. Talk to your account manager about calling out any specials on your dealership profile as well as your individual listings.

Want to know more about OfferUp's Verified Dealer program, and how advertising vehicles on OfferUp can get you more leads this holiday. Contact us today to find out how.