A Dealer's Guide to Reach Online Car Buyers

Online Dealerships Are Growing

In the last several years we have seen the rise of online-only dealerships, which have only gained traction during the pandemic. According to data collected from Edmunds.com, online-only dealerships have seen a 36% increase in sales over the past year and a half, while sales at traditional dealerships have dropped by 2.7% in the same period. 

This trend is likely to continue, as more and more people shop online for their next car or truck. But fear not, if you have a brick and mortar dealership there are ways to capture that online buyer and stay relevant with the growing shift. 

Today's Car Buyer Is Changing

Almost 40% of people prefer buying a car online, according to CarGurus, however having a website is just not enough these days, you need other factors to drive customers to the dealership. OfferUp provides that vital link to the new generation of online car buyers.

Many younger buyers are turning away from the traditional car shopping sites, and to new more convenient platforms. Millennials make up about 40% of all car buyers and they prefer an all-in-one platform to shop for a car and browse other items at the same time. This is what OfferUp was made for, to catch the attention of those shopping online and connect them with vehicles by highlighting them during the shopping experience. This is a much more organic and modern way to shop and allows you to cast a wider net to potential customers in your area, especially Millennials who spend more than 17 hours looking online for a car before going to a dealership.   

Get Your Brand In Front of Shoppers

So, to keep it simple, online-only dealerships are not going anywhere and are swarming the auctions. The name of the game today is to get your brand and units in front of the eyes of your target audience, you can do this by getting your cars on the places they shop daily, which are not traditional car sites. Explore new options, like OfferUp, which automatically posts and highlights your inventory to your local and national customer base, and grab your share of this growing market. 

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