OfferUp Auto Real-Time Buyer Dealer Notifications

OfferUp has released new Real-Time Buyer Notifications to help dealers respond to buyers in real-time and engage with car shoppers who are ready to buy a vehicle.

Introducing Real-Time Buyer Notifications

Starting today, OfferUp has added a new Verified Dealer feature that makes it easy for dealers to know when a car shopper is looking at their vehicle listings and to be able to respond to new leads or car shoppers who are ready to buy with our new Real-Time Buyer Notifications for Dealers.

What are Instant Notifications for Dealers?

With OfferUp's latest Verified Dealer Program update, dealers will receive new, easy-to-understand mobile notifications whenever a "likely to buy" car shopper:

  • Submits an inquiry on a dealer specific vehicle listing

  • Submits a new lead on a vehicle listing

  • Whenever a "Ready-to-Buy" customer is viewing or shopping a dealer listing

These new notifications work in combination with OfferUp's Ready-to-Buy Indicator that leverages 40 different data points and machine learning to identify users who are likely to buy. Dealer notifications show up on a dealer's mobile device and clearly indicate the "activity" and an appropriate next step that a dealer needs to take.

Instant Notifications for Dealers

Why Real-Time Buyer Notifications?

Recent car shopper surveys and industry data show that the faster a dealer can respond to an inquiry or car shopper the more likely that car shopper is to convert and the higher the satisfaction level will be with that transaction.

According to Google Forrester, today's car shopper expects dealers to respond in almost real-time and prefer using chat overall communication methods. OfferUp's new instant notifications give Verified Dealers a unique advantage by enabling to interact and respond in real-time. More importantly, when used in combination with OfferUp's powerful Ready-to-Buy Indicator, instant notifications tell dealers when they have a car shopper who is both a lead and based on in-app behavior indicated that they are ready to purchase a vehicle.

Will every dealer receive these notifications?

No, as a Verified Dealer Program member you will receive instant notifications automatically. However, Instant Notifications are not available to non-Verified Dealers.