Explained in One Minute: OfferUp Verified Dealer Program for Auto Dealers

OfferUp is the simplest and most trusted way to buy and sell anything, including vehicles. In fact, OfferUp has become more than just a replacement for sites like Craigslist, OfferUp is now the nation's #1 mobile marketplace with more than 20+ million users using the app every single month. For dealers, OfferUp is now a leading destination for buyers and dealers of certified and pre-owned vehicles. 

While it is free to manually upload and sell a single vehicle on the marketplace, dealers can partner with OfferUp through their Verified Dealer Program and benefit from dealer exclusive promoted placements and capabilities that make it easy to connect with buyers and promote your vehicles in your local markets including: 

  • Dedicated profiles and Verified Dealer badging

  • Ready-to-buy indicator to help you find car shoppers who are ready to buy

  • Ready-made CRM integration

  • Automatic inventory uploads from your DMS

  • Integrated click-to-call to talk with buyers

  • And so much more...


With OfferUp, Verified Dealers promoted placements are given premium positions in the in-app feed to highlight your vehicles. In addition, users can find your vehicles through the in-app search, or if we see a user looking for a vehicle like yours in your area, OfferUp will automatically show your promoted placements in the user's in-app feed. 

OfferUp also gives dealers powerful in-app communication tools. Car shoppers can quickly and easily connect with your dealership directly through the in-app chat feature.  With chat, you can talk with car shoppers at the exact time they are looking at your vehicles, keep track of ongoing communications, receive notifications for new messages, and capture lead information directly from the car shopper.

If you’re an auto dealer, schedule a 10-minute demo with OfferUp to see how the Verified Dealer Program can connect your vehicles to more buyers.