2023 OfferUp Recommerce Report: Holiday Special Release

Today, we published the findings of our 2023 OfferUp Recommerce Report: Holiday Special Release. For the report, we surveyed 1,500 U.S. adults to learn more about how they are embracing online resale marketplaces, like OfferUp, this holiday season. The results show that more and more people are turning to secondhand options for holiday gifts due to widespread financial challenges and a diminishing stigma associated with buying secondhand items.

Our survey found that 82% of shoppers are open to receiving secondhand holiday gifts in 2023 – marking an 11% increase from 2022.

Some other key findings include:

  • The stigma around secondhand shopping continues to decline, with 67% of shoppers noting this stigma has lessened.

  • Affordability remains a prime motivator behind secondhand holiday shopping, with the three primary reasons shoppers buy secondhand holiday gifts being to get a good deal (58%), to avoid higher retail prices (52%), and to help them stay within their budget (43%).

  • Inflation remains an ongoing concern for shoppers in 2023, with 94% noting that it is impacting their holiday budgets this year. 

  • 46% of shoppers note that prices for the gifts they want to purchase this year are notably higher than years prior.

  • 32% are encountering greater difficulties in finding holiday bargains this year.

In addition to these findings, today we also released a list of the most popular secondhand holiday gifts across the United States. To view your area's most searched holiday gifts, view our holiday website and select your city from the drop-down menu.

Whether you're on a budget, aiming for sustainable shopping, or seeking a distinctive and rare gift for a special someone, make sure to explore OfferUp this holiday season! 

To read the complete report, visit the 2023 OfferUp Recommerce Report: Holiday Special Release here.