3 Ways Dealers Can Improve Their Online Profiles

Help car buyers find your listings and improve your conversion rates with these tips.

Findings in a new Motus report show that 80% of car buyers prefer a hybrid (in-person + online) or online shopping experience, as consumers believe it saves both time and money (Streetinsider.com). With high demand in the market and car buyers increasingly researching vehicles and dealerships online, it is important to make sure your online advertising is a reflection of what buyers would see when they walk onto the lot.

Improve Your Dealerships Online Profile

Here are 3 tips to customize your profile and help your inventory standout on OfferUp:

  • Customize your About Us: Each profile has a unique section for customers to learn more about a dealership. Highlight services you offer, what you are known for in your area, and anything else that would encourage a customer to come to visit the dealership. 

Pro tip: Use 5 to 7 bullet points for easy reading when a customer is scrolling through your profile.

Make sure your website is up to date: Recently, OfferUp relocated the website link for dealers so it is one of the first things a customer sees when they click on a listing or profile. With increased visibility on your website, it should always accurately reflect your inventory, hours, contact information, and other services.

Pro tip: You can customize the link - Get a lot of questions about financing? Reach out to your account manager to update the link to send customers directly to your financing application. 

  • Maximize each posting: Each advertised vehicle is a representation of your dealership before the customer clicks further to view your full inventory. Listings perform best when they are free of extra overlays/wording, well-lit, and display the full vehicle. Each listing should also be customized with its own concise description.

Pro tip: Search results pull from the first 200 characters of a post description - include keywords in the beginning of the description to highlight what customers are looking for.