The Business Guide to Posting Products on OfferUp

Create your Product Listing

Many businesses who work with OfferUp also want to find more buyers for their products by creating listings that can be found in OfferUp's categories and through user searches.

When posting items on OfferUp, you’ll need to include the title, price, and location. The more information you provide, the more likely you’ll be able to sell your item faster. Help buyers find your item faster by adding a description, category, and the ability to ship.

To get started:

  1. Open the app and tap "Post"

  2. Use a cover photo that shows the whole item, by itself, then;

    1. Add at least 2 more photos (maximum of 12). Items with more photos sell faster

    2. Enter a detailed Title:

      • Include name, brand, year, or size, as applicable

      • Double-check your spelling. If people can’t search for it, they may not be able to find it

Note: If you are using an iPhone, we recommend allowing OfferUp access to All Photos. To allow access to all photos, go to Settings > Privacy > Photos > OfferUp > All Photos. If you choose Select Photos instead of All Photos, you will only have access to the photos you've selected.

To add details: You now have the option to add more details to your products. While there are only two required fields (Category and Condition), we highly recommend filling out as many fields as possible. This makes it easier for buyers to find your products quickly and for you to sell your products faster!

  1. Select the item's Category or confirm that the category selected for you is accurate.

    • For example, if you’re selling a hammer, make sure it’s in Tools, not in Clothing & shoes

    • If you don't see the category you want, pick the closest one

  2. Select the item's Sub-category if available (optional)


3. Set the item’s Condition. (The default condition is set to Good (for Cars & Trucks only) or Used (normal wear) and will need to be adjusted as you see fit.)

4. Provide information for as many of the other fields as you can

5. Write a quick Description:

  • While this field is optional, we highly recommend adding a short description to your products. Listings without a description often get lower buyer interest and are easier to find when users search for listings like yours

  • Add values for any field(s) that a buyer will need information on in order to make a purchase. (Example: Size for clothing, Shoes, etc.)

  • Car: include info like the year, make, and model

  • Furniture: include height, width, and length


6. Enter your Price

  • Try setting a price that’s the same or less than what similar items are selling online. (The max price value is $1,000 for shippable items.)

Turn on Shipping:

  1. Set the item’s Location (required)

    • Buyers will only see the approximate location of the item (they won’t be able to see your exact location)

  2. Choose if you want to meet up in person and/or Sell & ship nationwide

    • Shipping it? You can toggle the Sell & ship nationwide button. Some shipping restrictions will apply


3. Choose your package size. For more info, read Selling and shipping nationwide.

4. You can decide whether or not to Enable Buy Now If you choose to enable this, you will auto-accept the first full-price shipping offer you receive

5. Tap Post - and you're done! Check the app for messages from interested buyers

  • When looking at your own posts, you won’t see the Ask and Make offer buttons, but buyers will see them.

Cover Photo Tips

Show the whole item

Close-ups are good, but not for the cover photo.


Take it out of bags or wraps

Help buyers imagine using the item. Show them what it will look like when they’re using it.


Pose the item by itself

Use a plain or contrasting background for the photo. If the item has other accessories that will come with it, show those neatly in separate photos, not in the cover photo.


From the first photo buyers see, show them what a great item you’re selling. The first photo in any item post is the cover photo, which is the one that will show in the main feed. It’s also the first photo buyers see when they tap on your item. 

Post more than one photo

Show off what you’re selling by adding multiple photos of your item. Adding several photos makes it easier to catch buyers' attention and convince them to buy.  In a recent user survey, shoppers indicated that photos are the best way to sell your product to them.

Posting your item

  1. Open the OfferUp app and log in

  2. Tap "Post", and you'll see two options:

    • Select "Take photo" to take a new photo

    • Or, use "Select photo" to choose a picture from your photo library

  3. After the first photo is added, select the camera icon to add additional photos. The app will show you how many more photos you can add. In general, OfferUp users prioritize your images and then use the description to get the details.