Introducing OfferUp Autos

OfferUp Autos: a better car shopping experience

We’ve accomplished a lot the past few months — from exciting new features to important safety initiatives — all intended to make OfferUp the best experience it can be. As a quickly growing startup it’s important to always be innovating, or you’re just stagnant, and that brings us to our latest offering: OfferUp Autos.

When we see the daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual trends it’s hard to ignore the boom that is the Cars & Trucks category. By our estimate, about 10% of all used car sales in the U.S. happen on OfferUp and of the cars that sell on OfferUp, half sell in the first week, while 30% will sell in two days or less. Our Cars & Trucks category has been thriving organically so we started thinking about what it could be with some dedicated features to help sellers, buyers, and auto dealers have more buying and selling success.

What is it?

OfferUp Autos helps you buy or sell your next set of wheels in a faster, easier, and less expensive take on the car buying experience than ever before. To ensure a frictionless experience, we built a few innovative features to help you put the pedal to the metal:

For buyers:

  • The convenience of a phone call without sacrificing your personal information. Our new “click-2-call” feature allows you to contact verified OfferUp dealers at the click of a button while still in the app.

  • Cars have reputations, too. Quickly access detailed vehicle information such as mileage, MPG, and engine information, as well as vehicle history from CarFax, AutoCheck, and VinAudit.

  • Added filters. If you have an idea of the make and mileage of the car you want, whittle down the options with our new filters.

For sellers

  • What’s the mileage? What’s the engine? Upgraded prompts gather car information before the item is posted, which means you can skip straight to the fun part: setting up the sale.

  • Selling is harder with a smaller selection of buyers. By posting your car on OfferUp, it’s now searchable by over 7 million car shoppers annually.

  • VIN for the win. Add your car’s VIN so buyers have access to auto records, including any salvage and accident history.

Introducing Verified Dealers

If you’ve spent some time in the Cars & Trucks category in the last few years, you’ll notice there are a ton of options when it comes to who you can buy your next car from. With so many options out there, we wanted to create a seamless experience for a large group that has already dedicated a lot of time and effort to post on OfferUp: auto dealers. While a lot of what our new Dealer Program is available now, there’s a lot more to come. Take a look at some of our favorite Dealer-specific features:

  • New custom dealer profiles that include an About section, hours, and Google Reviews, separating your profile from the rest.

  • Timing is everything. Finding the best time to post can be the difference between selling a car in one day or three. By joining our Dealer Program, we find the best time to post your car selection for you using OfferUp data insights in your area, and then we’ll make sure the item gets posted.

  • Easily manage your inventory and leads, giving you more time to be out on the floor closing sales.

OfferUp Autos is intended to do one thing: simplify the automobile shopping experience and put everything you need in one place. For more information on everything that’s changing with Autos, you can read more about it on our Help Center, or download the app to start buying and selling today.