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November, 2022

3 Quick Tips as we enter the Holiday Market

Written by Account Manager Carson Iraola 

As we head into the holiday season, here are some quick tips you can implement now to maximize your sales opportunities.

1. Actively engage your database

Focus on following up and retargeting leads that have been unresponsive to your initial outreach efforts. Consider email retargeting campaigns with these old leads to nurture them and get them to re-engage with your dealership.

When new leads come in, be sure to act quickly in order to win the trust of the customer by providing quick and efficient responses. Quick responses from you lead to more engaged conversations and appointments, which ultimately get the customer over the curb and in the showroom door.

2. Build a profitable pre-owned customer audience

The heart of profitable used car sales is matching the right car to the right customer, at the lowest and most efficient cost for the dealership. Used car sales are predominantly digitally driven, so be sure your team is courteous and responsive to customers on each and every online platform. A happy customer has the potential to be a repeat customer. But whether or not they buy from you now, a good interaction could influence them to be a source of referrals to their in-market friends and family. 

3. Review and analyze monthly reporting

Navigating through a turbulent market can be tough, and that is why its important to ensure you are getting the most out of all your outlets. Start by reviewing all engagements and grading your own response time and close rate. Then review customer satisfaction indicators for each and every month, and keep your online customer reviews as high as possible. If stars sell cars, make sure you’re doing all you can to get them!

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New feature this month: Estimated Payment Calculator

Aside from considering a vehicle’s features, one of the most important ways shoppers evaluate if a vehicle is right for them is by its cost. Frequently, the one question that's top of mind is, “How will this fit into my monthly budget?”

In early November, we began offering a portion of OfferUp car shoppers a payment calculator in the vehicle listing so they may get an idea of their different monthly payments based on varying inputs that they can customize (like loan term, interest rate and cash down).

The calculator is currently a dealer exclusive feature, as it only surfaces when OfferUp shoppers are viewing dealer-listed vehicles, and not private party listings. Looking forward, in the very near future we’ll be rolling the payment calculator out to all OfferUp shoppers as they consider dealer-listed vehicles. Feel free to reach out to your Account Manager with any questions.

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The Holidays are Around the Corner. Make Sure Your Dealer Profile is Optimized for Success!

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s important to remember to communicate any seasonal changes at your dealership on your profile. One of the perks of the Verified Dealer Program is that you have a dedicated account manager to help make those changes and provide strategic advice to help optimize your profile. Here are a few must-have items for your checklist: 

Holiday Hours

Will you have any special holiday hours over the next couple months? Let your account manager know! We will highlight any business hour or “appointment only” changes in the “About Us'' section of your dealership profile. Pro tip: Don’t forget to update any  business hour changes on your Google My Business listing, as well!

Click-to-Call Phone Numbers

Depending on various holiday plans, some dealer associates may be away or on vacation for portions of the holiday season. Take a look at the number you currently have linked as your “click to call” number on your OfferUp dealership profile. Does it ring to someone that could be out on vacation? Your account manager can easily change that number for a few weeks - or months, if needed - to ensure potential customers are getting in touch with the correct dealership contact.

Holiday Promotions 

Are you planning any special promotions for the holiday season? We can help you get more eyes on any promotions you’re running that could help bring customers to your lot. Be sure to speak to your account manager about highlighting any specials on your dealership profile, as well as your individual listings.

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