Multiply Sales by Giving Car Shoppers What They Want (Webinar)

The pandemic has forced all of us to rethink how buyers shop for cars and no longer is it enough to just have a website, a digital presence, or post online to classifieds. To be successful with today’s post-covid buyers, dealerships need to understand how today’s consumers prefer to research and buy cars. With more buyers than ever looking to purchase cars, it is more important to align your dealership where buyers are researching and shopping.

Primary Learning Objectives:

  • Understand current car shopper preferences and how/why buyer intent has evolved.

  • Identify opportunities where you can improve your shopping experience to match what consumers want.

  • Learn how to design and manage an improved customer journey that emphasizes trust in your dealership and enables you to multiply your sales.


Malia Di Salvo

Sales Enablement Manager

Malia has spent many years in the auto industry and brings a wealth of experience to dealerships having supported sales, operations, and internet teams including time in Special Finance and Franchise dealer segments. Malia has a unique perspective on how to appeal to buyers in an ever-changing marketplace, and leading digital transformation efforts for dealerships and their sales teams. A trusted partner with OfferUp’s Autos partners, Malia works to stay apprised of new trends within the industry and educate the OfferUp sales teams on how technology will impact the ways they interact with their dealers. These insights help her enable the team at OfferUp to provide the best solution with the greatest return for our dealers.

Ryan Tacazon

Manager, OfferUp Autos

Ryan is a Sales Manager supporting OfferUp’s Verified Dealer Program and brings a wealth of sales knowledge from all angles in support of the auto industry. In supporting OfferUp’s dealer partners, Ryan is a trusted partner who shares his years of industry experience to help hundreds of dealers to develop their sales strategies and add new technologies and capabilities in support of continuously changing buyer needs. Ryan has an insatiable drive to help dealerships find success and work with their teams to deliver customer-driven experiences and ROI by putting the customer first.