OfferUp is one of the most downloaded shopping apps of 2022

January 9, 2023

The resale market is booming, and I couldn’t be prouder to say that OfferUp is leading the way. According to new data¹ from mobile intelligence firm Apptopia, OfferUp was the 10th most downloaded shopping app in the United States in 2022 – making us one of the most in-demand destinations for online shoppers.


What’s creating this growth? There are a few factors at play, but the primary driving force is simple: shoppers are buying and selling pre-owned goods at a greater rate than ever as they prioritize saving money and shopping more sustainably.


In fact, our 2022 Recommerce Report found that resale market growth increased by 15% in 2021 alone – marking an all-time high for the industry. What’s more, resale shopping has become as much a part of everyday life as browsing social media. Our report found that people spend an average of 27 minutes per day shopping on recommerce marketplaces, just shy of the amount of time spent on social media apps Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat combined, which clearly illustrates how much resale is resonating with consumers. 


OfferUp is well-positioned to capitalize on this growth by providing customers with an unparalleled experience when it comes to buying and selling pre-owned items. We’ve built a powerful ecosystem that connects buyers and sellers like never before, while also making it easier than ever for people to find what they need. As a result, millions of people use OfferUp every day to find great deals on items from cars to electronics to homewares to appliances to collectibles, and more. 


We believe that everyone should be able to access quality pre-owned items quickly and conveniently - which is why we’re proud to lead this shift towards local recommerce. 2023 will be an exciting year for those in the OfferUp community, and we look forward to sharing more updates as we continue to progress our platform and customer experience.


Todd Dunlap, CEO of OfferUp


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