Where to Get Your Car Fix Along Historic Route 66

Since the launch of OfferUp's Verified Dealer Program we’ve met some amazing Verified Auto Dealers. We’ll be featuring them from time-to-time on our blog. First up: meet R&B Auto Center out of Fontana, CA, the shop that will “treat you like family.”

In the heart of sunny Fontana, CA — right along the historic Route 66 — lives R&B Auto Center. When it first opened up shop back in 1985, the owners were living and working out of the establishment. Eventually, they expanded it to what it is today: a dealership and auto body shop specializing in sedans, trucks, and customized specialty vehicles.

Alfredo Guerrero is a long-time car enthusiast that handles marketing for R&B. About two months ago, he helped his team get set up as a Verified Auto Dealer with OfferUp’s Autos Program. As a result, they’ve seen a 15% increase in inbound leads and an 18% increase in sales.

“The best thing about OfferUp is how easy it is to use, but I know that we all love how it’s an instant connection with new leads and potential buyers,” Alfredo says. “The usability is strong and it’s a really modern way to connect with customers. At first, we thought, “sure, why not give this a try,” and expected one or two people to come in, but it far surpassed all expectations. So far, it’s a great return on investment and the sales team has a positive outlook.”

R&B Service Center

In the 30 years since R&B Auto Center got its start, they’ve morphed into a pillar in the community, known for selling beautiful and reliable cars to their customers. When the team is adding new inventory, the number one thing they look for is the title status of the vehicle. “We want to ensure that the integrity and quality of the vehicle are second to none, so we never sell cars with salvaged titles,” says Alfredo.

One of the things that separate R&B from its competitors is their skill in modifying cars especially popular four-wheelers like trucks and Jeeps. The market for customized off-roaders has quickly gained popularity, so when buying new inventory, the team is looking for cars that are structurally sound. Some of the most popular upgrades are things like lift kits and new rims. “We’re struggling to keep modified vehicles in stock,” says Alfredo. “The first car we sold through OfferUp was a modified Rubicon and we sold it within twelve hours of joining the Autos Program. We’re not afraid to completely bedazzle the cars and transform them into statement pieces.”

One of the things Alfredo loves most about cars is the way they can provide insight into the driver. “The car you drive says a lot about you. It shows social status, your eccentricities, your interests — even how you maintain it. I drive a modified 2005 Honda Accord, and I think that shows that I have a past in performance racing. Right now it might look like I’m having a mid-life crisis which may or may not be true,” he says with a laugh.

If you’re in the Fontana area and want to pick up a comfortable family sedan or performance off-roader, you can search through the R&B Auto Center inventory on OfferUp, or on their website. For more information about their services, financing options, or to read their reviews, click here. Want to learn more about OfferUp's Verified Dealer Program? Contact us at https://go.offerup.com/autos.