Get your vehicle inventory in front of local car shoppers with OfferUp

Even with the increased ability to purchase online, customers still value local dealerships and named distance as the top reason the buying process stalls. Closely behind is a lack of description of vehicles, followed by the ability to easily speak with someone at the dealership. With more customers turning to marketplaces, OfferUp prioritizes and makes it easy to put your inventory in front of local buyers

Each listing is shown in an 80-mile radius from a dealership, making sure vehicles are being seen by customers in the area. Vehicles are also listed with a unique description, either pulled directly from your inventory management system or customized to include features and services you want to highlight on each post.

With OfferUp, buyers also do not have to worry about phone trees or long wait times when contacting a dealership. The app gives customers the ability to directly call a dealership (or even cell phone) number, or send a message for quick communication. Either of these methods makes it easy to ensure customers are speaking directly with a member of your team right away.