(Webinar) Nurture car buyer leads using live chat

Learn how to delight car buyers across every stage of the customer journey using live chat

Webinar: Nurture car buyer leads using Live Chat

In this webinar, John McIntyre, CEO of Hammer, and Alexander Hoff, Revenue Strategy at OfferUp Autos show you how to help you navigate the challenges of lead engagement and build a sales machine that will delight your car buyers during every stage of the customer journey.

It’s a known fact that not all leads are created equal. You’ve got the generic form fill, cattle call leads and privacy protector leads that make us all optimistic when they first hit the CRM, but in the end, you know most are simply a waste of time.

Let's paint a word picture. Let’s say you have a single sales rep working 100 “quality” leads over the course of the month, for the sake of easy math. And let’s say they had a great month closing 15% of these leads, meaning 85 of these leads were objectively bad. Now if your sales rep is spending 10 minutes per lead following up with multiple phone calls, emails, and maybe a text or two, that translates to over 14 hours of wasted time throughout the month! What more could that sales rep have done with 14 hours in the month?

You may be saying, “bad leads are just part of the business, no way around it,” and you would be correct; but what if you didn’t have to waste 10 minutes on each one figuring that out? So how do we filter out the bad leads so your sales team only deals with serious car shoppers while also creating a more loyal customer base? Well, did you know that 82% of car buyers are more likely to convert if they’ve chatted with you first?

In this webinar, Hammer and OfferUp Autos will show you how to leverage live chat to qualify customers quickly, earn their trust early and make your dealership the most efficient sales machine in the industry.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn why every message counts and even short messages improve your chance at converting a car shopper into a car buyer.

  • Identify and set your lead objectives and build a practical step-by-step lead nurture process that will delight your car shopper

  • Learn what kind of media your team should be used to support your lead-nurturing and chat strategy

  • Understand why a customer who asks for information is a qualified lead and the steps you need to take to convert them

Live Chat Best Practices:

  • Just like phone calls to a dealership or web forms, respond in under 2 minutes for best results

  • It should go without saying, but respond to every message from car shoppers. Today, 38% of chats to dealers on OfferUp’s Verified Dealer Program go unanswered and dealers are leaving easy money on the table. That’s like having someone walk onto your lot, browse a bunch of vehicles, showing genuine interest in your inventory and no one ever takes the time to help them...This experience would instantly make me walk out of a dealership, and it has.

  • Human over bot. Consumers may love live chat, but they still walk a personalized experience in the sales process...a bot simply cannot offer that experience. John, does Hammer use bots at all in their managed chat experience?

  • Hammer best practices on how to make it a personalized experience...how do they train their agents to give a consistent uniform experience that car shoppers love and dealers come to value above all else?

  • How does Hammer get customers to ‘let down their guard’