Learn how to acquire vehicle inventory and trade-ins with OfferUp

Mitigate your vehicle and car shortages by using OfferUp's horizontal marketplace to find private vehicles for sale and engage with car shoppers to get their vehicles.

Chip shortages, high demand, and rising prices won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Moreover, auctions and typically sourcing methods are getting increasingly expensive, and limited as more and more dealers compete for the same vehicles.

OfferUp's live webinar shows dealers and auto companies how to use horizontal marketplaces to find, engage and acquire used car inventory and get more trade-ins from private sellers locally in their area.

Step-by-step Guide to Source Vehicle Inventory

In today's market, acquiring inventory is challenging. Dealers have limited access to pre-owned inventory, and the industry-wide chip shortage that is limiting new inventory isn't helping. And with vehicles in high demand, what does this mean for you and what can you do? In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to source private seller inventory in your market

  • Best practices and real-world examples of dealers who are getting more trade-ins with each transaction

  • Next steps to position your dealership as an active buyer in your area

With OfferUp, you can begin sourcing vehicles for free, or expand your sourcing strategy through OfferUp's Verified Dealer Program.