Improve your OfferUp inventory and vehicle posts to drive more car sales

Maximize your listings

Unsure if you’re utilizing your OfferUp Verified Dealer Program to the fullest? Sometimes we see our dealer partners input vehicles on their profile or in their DMS without all the vehicle information provided. While getting your vehicles listed quickly is important to get them sold, providing all of the information a potential buyer is looking for could be the difference in them choosing your lot over the next. Moreover, by ensuring the details are correct in your promoted placements you can ensure that your ad is visible and easily searchable in the marketplace.

We've included some tips for maximizing your inventory on OfferUp and taking advantage of all available features provided on the platform. Making sure this information is included from the beginning will ensure your vehicles are coming up in all relevant searches and customers aren't missing out on your offers solely because the features weren't listed.

Tip #1: include your details

Be sure to include the below pieces of information to ensure OfferUp is listing all available inventory loaded in your DMS.

  • 2 unique photos

  • VIN

  • Stock number

  • Year, make, model

  • Price

  • Mileage

Tip # 2: Take your time

Remember, the time it takes to load all of the vehicle features is worth it! This will not only help customers during their search but also set you apart from dealerships that aren't taking the time to include this level of detail. Customer searches utilize these features as keywords to ensure your eligible vehicles are getting pulled into as many searches as possible.

Tip #3: Add your unique vehicle descriptions

Add a unique vehicle description and be as specific as possible. Take advantage of this additional space to provide interested parties with anything they may need to know regarding purchasing this vehicle at your dealership.

  • Vehicle history

  • Payment options

  • Maintenance services and potential offers with vehicle purchase


As always, if you want to learn more about OfferUp's Verified Dealer Program click here, or if you are already a customer feel free to reach out to your Account Manager if you need assistance or would like to discuss maximizing your account!