OfferUp-Dates: Real-Time Buyer Notifications

Auto dealerships can now get real-time buyer notifications from OfferUp whenever a car buyer is ready-to-buy or has shown intent to purchase.

Real-Time Buyer Notifications are here

Notice anything different? OfferUp is working to not only find you more leads but create opportunities for you to engage and convert those leads into sales. Starting today, we've added a new Verified Dealer feature that reviews car buyer activity and automatically alerts you of the most promising ones as they happen.

In addition to our Ready-to-Buy Indicator that highlights likely to purchase car buyers in your account, our new, easy-to-understand mobile notifications tell you automatically whenever a "likely to buy" car shopper:

  • Submits an inquiry on a dealer specific vehicle listing

  • Submits a new lead on a vehicle listing

  • Whenever a "Ready-to-Buy" customer is viewing or shopping a dealer listing

NOW, when that “Ready To Buy” user messages you, we will send a push notification right to your home screen so there is no chance you can miss this opportunity and more importantly that you have every chance to respond to them within our recommended time of 5 minutes!  Remember, dealers who can respond in real-time have a greater than 60% chance to convert that lead into a sale.

That’s it for today!

Until the next issue of OfferUp-Dates, get after those leads, and be sure to turn those notifications on!