OfferUp Quarterly Business Reviews

OfferUp's Verified Dealer Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) are the perfect opportunity to work with the OfferUp team to see how your Verified Dealer Program has been performing, and next step changes you can make to improve and deliver the ROI you want.

Realign on Your Business Goals

Chances are, you’re having regular discussions about your business strategy within your dealership. As your strategy shifts to make the most of an ever-changing market, it’s more important than ever to let your AM know where the pain points are, and how you’re changing course. Your Verified Dealer Program (VDP) is customized to your needs, so let’s make sure it’s up-to-date!

Cool New Stuff

At OfferUp, we’re always thinking about how we can make life easier for our VDP members. In the last year alone, we’ve launched CRM Integration, our white-glove Concierge chat service, and inbox prioritization all based on feedback from dealers like you. Your Quarterly Business Review is a great time to learn about how we’re improving our dealer experience and to give us your valued input on features you’d like to see in the future. 

The Right People in the Right Place

You know what they say -- the only constant in life is change. Many dealerships experience frequent changes in personnel, and new members of your team may not be clued in on how to get the most from your VDP account. Your QBR is a great time to include the newest members of your team for a crash course on the inner workings of our app, as well as some of our tried and true best practices. 

Expert Recommendations

Did you know that your Account Manager exclusively works with auto dealers? That’s right -- they’re on the phone with dealers like yourself all day, every day, and they’ve picked up some tricks and best practices along the way. Using a whole quarter’s worth of data on your OfferUp account, they’ll be able to give you personalized recommendations on what’s working well and where to improve. They’ll also have feedback on what’s worked well for dealers like you nationwide.

What's Next

OfferUp's Verified Dealer Program Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) provides a perfect opportunity to not only see how your program has been performing but as a way to identify existing pain points and realign the program to your business goals. To get started, contact your account manager.

If you are not a current OfferUp Verified Dealer and want to learn more about the program and how your dealership can get started, simply visit to get started.