Gain more referrals and repeat car buyers in 60-Seconds

Automotive insights to help dealers build long-term relationships with car buyers and win their business for life

Building long-term relationships can be as easy as you make it, but in order to maintain long-term customers and gain referrals, dealers need to focus on building relationships that go beyond the sale. It's not only essential in today’s ever-increasing online world but required.

A recent MotorTrader article found that customers who purchased a vehicle at a dealership they found through a Google search or classified website were least likely to be promoters of that business. The biggest reason behind this was a lack of follow-up and personal interaction after the sale.

As online shopping for vehicles isn’t going away anytime soon, it is important to bridge the gap with these customers. OfferUp provides a way to do just that. Created to connect local buyers and sellers, the platform can help turn online car buyers into bigger promoters of your business.

Look for features like the sold vehicle notification email. After a vehicle is marked sold, you will receive a list of all the customers who reached out with interest. Use this as a reminder to go back in the app and follow up with the customer to check on their purchase. In this conversation, set a specific day and time to follow up with them one more time to ensure a quality buying experience. 

OfferUp also highlights your google reviews, rating, and followers. In your second follow-up call, don’t be afraid to ask for an online review or for the customer to follow your dealer profile to receive updates when new inventory is posted. That way, your dealership will stay fresh in their mind when friends and family ask for recommendations.