Verified Dealer Feature Release: Inbox Prioritization for Auto Dealers

OfferUp has released a new inbox prioritization feature that automatically manages and prioritizes car shopper leads for dealers.

Introducing Inbox Prioritization for Dealers

Starting on August 20, 2021, OfferUp Autos is releasing a powerful new feature for Verified Dealers. It is now easier and faster to engage, respond and convert incoming leads by identifying who is ready-to-buy and who might still be early in the car-buying journey.

What is Inbox Prioritization?

As many of you already know, a critical feature for your Verified Dealer Program is your Inbox. Every dealer lead, question, and engagement happens there. Starting today, OfferUp is making your Verified Dealer Inbox easier to use by giving dealers an enhanced view that automatically sorts and prioritizes your leads and engagements.

Combined with the recently released "Real-Time Buyer" notifications, and the Ready-to-Buy indicator, it's now easier to see which car shopper messages are the highest priority and avoid missing those critical opportunities. Dealers will save time focusing on converting leads and less time prioritizing and reviewing your messages.


Why Inbox Prioritization?

The enhanced Inbox Prioritization feature was developed based on dealer feedback and the desire to show the most important messages at the top, making it frictionless to find the messages that need to be responded to immediately.

Over the next few weeks, every Verified Dealer will receive the update. Once your OfferUp app is updated, when you (your team) login for the first time you will see that your inbox now prioritizes your messages by placing in-market shoppers, with the highest priority, at the top.

How Inbox Prioritization works

Inbox Priority works by doing the work for you. We want to make it simple to find your best leads and save your team from wasting time manually sorting through messages. When a car shopper has shown that they are very likely to buy a vehicle and provides their Lead Info to you, their message will be placed at the top of your inbox, versus someone who just comes in and passively inquires. Dealer messages will always be listed from the highest priority to the lowest priority.

Some of the factors that are used to prioritize include things such as:

  • Car shopper activity

  • The likelihood that the shopper is looking to buy

  • Identified as "Ready-to-Buy"

  • Submitted a Car Buyer Profile

  • Chats and engagements

Integrated Message Management

In addition to automatic prioritization, we're also making it easier to manage your messages. Any incoming messages that are still awaiting a response will be listed at the top based on priority. Once responded to, the message will then be moved to a lower position in your inbox until the car shopper responds and will also include a "replied" to make it easier to visually identify messages with ongoing threads and/or have been responded to.

Will every dealer get Inbox Prioritization?

Yes, this feature will be deployed to every dealer who is subscribed to OfferUp's Verified Dealer Program. Anyone not subscribed to the program will continue to receive the standard inbox. Verified Dealers also have the option to change their inbox back to chronological order by simply sending an email to OfferUp's support team.

How Can I Learn More?

If you are interested in OfferUp's industry-first Inbox Prioritization feature, or enhanced Ready-to-Buy features that make it easy to find car buyers, contact OfferUp's team and help you get started. Start today, and get special pricing that takes all the risk out of it and starts putting your vehicles in front of OfferUp's 20+ million monthly users.