A peak under the hood: how OfferUp makes dealer feedback a reality

Feedback and ideas wanted

At OfferUp we are committed to consistently pushing to be better for you.. our customers. We take pride in making our product the best it can be and continually iterating to meet new dealership and market needs. We want to be your go-to advertising partner, truly an extension of your in-house dealership team, and we can’t do that without your ideas and feedback.

That’s why we launched our feedback initiative. Every month, OfferUp's Verified Dealer account managers check in with our thousands of dealers across the country and take note of ideas and feedback, good or bad, to share with our product and leadership teams. 

We take that feedback to heart and work to make changes based on what you, the dealer, want to see. The more often we hear similar requests or suggestions, the higher those ideas move in priority for our Product and Engineering teams to create. Here are a few of the product updates we have made over the past few months based on listening to your suggestions and making them a reality:

  • CRM Integration: We know our customers want to track leads in one central location. We launched CRM integration to help you do just that. Now, dealers that use a CRM system have the option to connect to OfferUp. We will then automatically send any OfferUp lead with contract information directly to your CRM.

  • “Hot Lead” Notifications: Potential customers with the “Lightning Bolt” icon will now show up as a separate push notification to your mobile device. Based on our backend analytics, these leads may be further along in their car buying journey and we want to make sure you know as soon as they reach out to you. 

  • Inbox Lead Prioritization: We know your inbox can sometimes be overwhelming and take time to sift through. Last month we launched the “priority inbox” to help take some of that sifting work out of the equation. Potentially warmer leads will now show up at the top of your inbox followed by leads with contact information. This way, you can get back to those customers first. 

Part of the beauty of OfferUp is that we truly care about you, your business, and your experience on our platform. We value your input and depend on it to tailor our product to best match your desired needs and experience. With that said, if you have any ideas or feedback you would like to share use the link below.

Link to Survey