4 Tips to get your dealership ready for tax season

Believe it or not, tax season is right around the corner. Now is the time to make changes to maximize your dealership image and exposure on OfferUp before tax season is in full swing. Why? in March 2021 alone, 57% more vehicles were sold compared to other months of the year. Outlined below are our top four tips to get the most of your dealership profile this tax season. 

1. Increase your promoted placements

Promoted placements are the BEST way to get more customers viewing your vehicles and in turn your dealership. On average, listings that are promoted receive 10-14x more views. Reach out to your account manager about our tax season specials to increase promoted placements during this important time of year. 

2. Review your profile components

A professional, trustworthy, dealership profile image is important to potential customers. Take time to review your dealership profile picture, “about us” description, address, phone number etc. Customers are very likely to click into your dealer profile when interested in a specific vehicle. Make sure these items are not only correct, but use them to set your dealership apart. Contact your account manager for ideas on how to set you apart as well as help facilitate changes.

3. Review last 2-3 months of response metrics

Each month we send out a dealer report that outlines your dealership’s average response time and response rate for the previous month. Take some time to review those metrics and come up with a plan on how to tackle tax season. Out of the thousands of dealerships on OfferUp, the two benchmarks for increased success to keep in mind are, a response rate of 80% or more and a response time of 20 minutes or less. It is pivotal to “catch” customers while they are on the app and engaged with your listings. 

4. Proactive lead planning 

Oftentimes your sales managers may hear “reach out to me in the New Year,” or “we are just looking right now but plan to buy some time in the next few months.” Take advantage of your saved conversations in your inbox and the lead contact information OfferUp is sending you. Put together a list and a plan of when to re-engage with these potential customers based on what they are telling you. Customers will appreciate your attention to detail and will feel special when you reach out with a similar vehicle that coincides with their preferred purchasing timeline.